Lost Dog: 87105


Animal's Name: Zuzu

Age: 12

Gender: female

Collar/Tags: Bright Green Collar - No Tags (She kept chewing them off)

Contact: Barbara Cooper

Email: nicolejarmar@gmail.com

Phone: (505) 948-7951

Colors: Brown, Tan, White, and a little Black

Microchip Brand:

Microchip Number:

Zuzu is a German Shepherd Mix who is 12 years old. She got out of the yard on October 5th, 2017 around Bridge and Sunset. She has been a part of the family since she was a puppy, and gets nervous when she is alone. She is micro chipped, but we do not know the number. She has a marble-sized tumor behind one of her hind legs that needs to get checked out. If found please contact us at any of the following: Barbara Cooper - (505) 948-7951 Matthew Cooper - (505) 297-8724 Joe Cooper - (505) 289-7759 Nicole Jaramillo-Martinez - (505) 730-8537

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